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Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Cast List

Thanks to ALL who auditioned.
Our casting was based on rightness for the role, vocal and dancing ability, and scheduling conflicts.  We had a very talented group who turned out!  We encourage you to come to other auditions as each show has its own specific needs.

For those who are cast below, we will be holding our first cast meeting Saturday, April 12 at 9:00 A.M. at the theater.  Please come ready to work (sing and dance).  If we have not heard from you before Friday, we will assume you are accepting the role. 


Brothers & Brides

Adam Pontipee | James Shurtliffe
Millie | Karlie Clark
Benjamin | Kayle Stephens
Dorcus | Cassidy Lott
Caleb | Taylor Grigg
Ruth | Ginny Spencer
Daniel | Scott Dinsdale
Liza | Shaydra Raymond
Ephraim | Kyle Parkinson
Sarah | Morgan Richards
Frank | Jordan Grigg
Martha | Laura Dean
Gideon | Jordan Spackman
Alice | Emily Bradford


Jayden Blanch | Caderick Wilson 
Dylan Julander | William Moyle
William Bruce Baird | Sam Bakker


Greg Lemke | Kelsy Singleton
Tad Wilson | Sadie Hyde
A.J. Grigg | Charline Grigg
Brandon Weaver | Gina Adamson
David Spackman | Hannah Wood



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January 24 - February 8

Into the Woods
March 7 - 29

One for the Pot
April 18 - May 10

Seven Brides for
Seven Brothers
June 6 - June 28

The King and I
August 22 - September 13

Angel Street (Gaslight)
October 10 - November 1

It's A Wonderful Life
November 28 - December 20