2505 South Highway 89 - Perry, Utah
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(435) 723-8392


Director | Brian Wood

Dates and Instructions

Thursday, September 3 | 7:00-9:00 PM
Saturday, September 5 | 9:00-11:00 AM

Please provide a head shot along with a completed audition form.
Pictures will be taken at auditions if one cannot be provided.

Preliminary Rehearsal Schedule

Rehearsals will primarily be held Tuesdays through Thursdays from 7:00-9:00 PM and Saturday mornings from 9-12. An additional rehearsal Friday, November 20 may be needed to make up for the loss of rehearsal on Thanksgiving November, 26, the day before opening.

Cast of Characters

Caring, loving father and husband who is trusting and impractical, which makes for poor business decisions. He's in his 50's.
Emilie- Felix's wife, who has a much more level head than her husband. Age range- 40's to 50's.

Marie Louise
Daughter of Felix and Emilie, who is both head strong and in love. Unfortunately her true love doesn't have the same feelings. Age range- 18-22.

Madame Parole
Customer of Felix's store who is only too eager to take advantage of his generous nature. Age range- 40's on up.

An ex-forger who uses his creative selling and bookkeeping techniques to help Felix out. Age range- mid 30's to 40's.

Convicted for killing his unfaithful wife; he helps Felix and his family out when they are in need. Age range- mid 30's to 40's.

An ex-playboy who murdered for money. He too helps out the family, especially Marie Louise. Age range- 20's.

Evil cousin of Felix who has swindled him in the past and has arrived to oust him from his business. Age range- 50's to 60's.

Nephew of Henri who is only interested in marrying for money; which leaves Marie Louise out of the running. Age range- early to mid 20's.

Handsome, young naval officer who arrives just in time to provide hope to all; especially Marie Louise. Age range- early to mid 20's.


Five on a Honeymoon
January 16 – February 7

The Mikado
March 6 –
March 28

Lend me a Tenor
April 17 – May 9

Big River
June 6 – June 27

Shrek the Musical
August 21 – September 12

Jekyll & Hyde
October 16 – November 7

My Three Angels
November 27 - December 19