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Angel Street (Gaslight)

By Patrick Hamilton
Directed by Diane Robbins


October 10 to November 1st
(Matinee on October 18th)


Thursday, July 31st at 7:00 pm and
Saturday, August 2nd at 9:00 am 

(Call backs will be August 5th if needed)

Auditions will include cold readings from the script.
Please bring a resume, headshot (if possible) and a list of all conflicts for July 6th through November 1st.
Contact Diane at diane@heritagetheatreutah.com with any questions.

Rehearsals will begin early August and will be held Tuesday, Wednesdays & Thursdays (with some Saturday mornings as needed).

Download audition form here.


A Broadway hit first produced on the West End under the title Gaslight and filmed twice, Angel Street tells the story of the Manninghams who live on Angel Street in 19th Century London. All appears the essence of Victorian tranquility in their London neighborhood, but Mr. Manningham’s sinister motives soon become apparent. He is slowly driving his gentle wife, Bella, to the brink of insanity with insidious kindness. Following a lead on a murder committed 15 years ago in their home, the amiable Inspector Rough arrives, convinced that Mr. Mannigham is the culprit. Inspector Rough gradually restores Bella’s self-confidence while the evidence against Mr. Manningham builds. This is a thriller that will keep in you suspense as you discover the mysteries of the Manningham home.

Cast of Characters

Ages listed are suggestions. Good, dramatic acting ability is important.

Mr. Jack Manningham | (40-50s) A handsome, well-dressed man. Jack’s complete authority over, and manipulation of his wife drives her down the road to insanity. There is mystery below the surface and feigned bitterness towards having to put up with his wife’s “condition”. (standard British accent) This is a great, dramatic role of being the villain.

Mrs. Bella Manningham | (30s-40s) She has been good-looking, almost a beauty - but now she has a haggard, wan, frightened air, with rings under her eyes, which tell of sleepless nights and worse. She is being made to believe she is going insane. (standard British accent) This is a “dream”, dramatic acting role.

Inspector Rough | (50s - 60s) Active, brusque, friendly, impelling and overbearing. He has a low, warm chuckle and completely dominates the scene from the beginning. He comes to the aid of Bella by revealing secrets and mysteries of years past. He, too, has an air of secrecy about him. (British dialect, working-class) This is a wonderful role with several great monologues.

Elizabeth | (50s) The kind and dutiful cook/housekeeper. Amiable and faithful to Bella while feigning loyalty to Jack. (regional British dialect; better spoken than Nancy; could even try Irish or Scottish)

Nancy | (late teens–20s) Attractive, impudent and conniving, Nancy is the serving girl. She takes liberties, including with the master of the house. She has no respect for Bella. (Cockney accent)

Policemen | (20’s +)  Need 2 policemen. These are non-speaking roles and appear at the end of the show.


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