2021 Season

Charley’s Aunt Jan 15-February 6, Matinee on Jan 23


Set amongst the confining rigiors of Victorian Era proprietary Heritage Theater’s production of Charley’s Aunt is anything but stodgy. Jack and Charley have a hot double date planned. Refusing to be hampered by overbearing and nosy chaperone’s starry-eyed Jack and Charley contrive to have a chaperone of their choosing: Lord Fancourt Babblerly.  Under normal circumstances his lordship would be a completely inappropriate choice were it not for one small detail.  The obliging Lord Blabberly is to be disguised as Charley’s venerable Aunt.


The plan is getting along swimmingly well until Charley’s own dear, REAL Aunt arrives to check up on her mischievous nephew. 


As in all good farces, hilarity with a dash of true love is the eventual outcome. Come laugh and evening away with us this spring.

25th Annual Putnam Spelling Bee March 5-27, Matinee March 13 and 20


What can you really learn from a spelling bee?  If we’re talking about William Finn’s musical comedy The 25th Annual Putnam Spelling Bee, plenty.


Socially awkward though they may be Olive, William, Marcy and all the rest are a reflexion of ourselves.  Feeling the pressure to please, knowing the sadness of being alone, living for once and future glory, second chances and compassion.


Where you are hooked on phonics or not, you will be hooked on the lives and stories of the competitors in the 25th annual spelling bee.

James and the Giant Peach April 16-May 8, Matinee April 28 and May 1


Perhaps James is like many orphans: dreaming of a family that will come take him away.  Dreams are not always good. In James case leaving the orphanage to live with his aunts is a case of leaving the pan to land in the fire.


His cold, lazy aunts use James as a slave more than anything else and soon he’s had enough.  A daring escape is devised involving the most unlikely of friends, unconventional transportation and a dose of magic, of course!

Something’s Rotten June 4-26, Matinee June 12 and 18


No one enjoys playing second fiddle, least of all the Bottom brothers Nigel and Nick.  Who wouldn’t feel a tad resentful struggling to crack the London theater scene of 1595 with Sr William Shaespere dominating in every aspect?


What is a pair of overlooked, over confident playwrights to do?


Why, invent a musical, of course.  That old hack the Bard couldn’t possibly compete with them if music were to feature prominently into their newest masterwork.


This hilariously funny musical comedy will have you in stitches as Nigel and Nick learn what it is to succeed in the only way they can: being true to thine own self.

Frozen Jr July 15-19, Matinee July 17


Frozen Jr is Heritage Theater’s second annual production for kids only. Children will learn skills of dancing, acting, singing, stage directions and so much more all culminating in a magical on stage production of the massive 

hit Frozen Jr adapted for stage.

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