Auditions Dec. 29th and 30th

Directed by Marilyn Whipple
Auditions Dec. 29th and 30th from 6p to 9p
Callbacks Jan. 2nd by invitation only
Show Runs Mar. 5th through Mar. 27th


A group of Sixth Graders arrive at the 25 th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, each one eager
to win for very different reasons. Sweet and shy Olive Ostrovsky brings her best friend (the
dictionary) with her to the bee. Bold and Hyperallergic William Barfee uses his “magic foot” to
propel him to greatness. Former champion, Chip Tolentino is struggling with puberty. Easily
distracted, Leaf Coneybear is unconvinced that he is smart enough to be a challenger.
Overachiever Marcy Park is disappointed by her constant success. Politically aware Logainne
Schwartzandgrubenierre only wants to impress her gay dads. In hilarious, touching and catchy
songs, each speller reveals his/her hopes, struggles, and passions as they make their way
through the competition.


Tues & Wed Dec. 29th and 30th from 6pm – 9pm

Callbacks will be Saturday Jan. 2nd by invitation only.


Please be prepared to sing 16 measures of an upbeat song that shows off your vocal range and
the strength of your voice. We will have a pianist available for auditions. We will provide a
speaker for you to plug a phone into as well.

Please bring your audition form with a picture. Be sure to let us know any conflicts that you
may have.


Rehearsals will be held Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday nights and Saturday mornings. We will
add Monday nights the closer we get to opening night. 


William Barfee: has a host of health problems. He arrogant, loud and defensive. He’s the heavier set
kid who becomes a bully to avoid being picked on. He does not expect kindness from anyone
but his mother, so friendship takes him by surprise. His remarkable technique is spelling words
out on the floor with his “magic feet”. He has a crush on Olive.

Chip Tolentino: (Tenor) He is the reigning champion. Things come easily to him. He is athletic
and social. He’s going through puberty and feels things slipping out of his control. Be aware
that he sings some very high notes.

Leaf Coneybear: He never expected to be at the Bee. He is homeschooled and loves to show
off his homemade clothing. He delights in his wandering focus. He doesn’t expect to win or
spell even one word right but finds the Bee very amusing. His mother made him wear his
protective helmet to the bee.

Olive Ostrovsky: Sweet and enormously shy, she lives a quiet life. She spends most of her time
alone and fills her time reading the dictionary. She spells her words into her hands and spends
the first half of the bee, peering into the audience looking for her dad, who is delayed at work.

Marcy Park: wears her school uniform when she competes. She is an overachiever and very
confident. She walks up to the microphone with purpose and spells each word quickly and
clearly. She is talented at martial arts, dance, piano and baton twirling.

Logainne Schwartzandgrubenniere “Schwartzy”: she is the youngest speller. She is driven by
the desire to make her two dads proud. She lisps and has some tics but has a strong presence
with her political awareness and sense of justice. She signs each word when she spells it.

Rona Perretti: Putnam’s long time spelling bee hostess. She is a former spelling bee champion
herself. From her perspective it is up to her to keep the bee running smoothly, uphold protocol
and keep the audience informed.

Douglas Panch: the vice-principal, who is filling in as a substitute to pronounce words for the
contestants. He fills in to try and get closer to Rona but starts the bee eager to do well and to
redeem himself for past mistakes.

Mitch Mahoney: acts as the “comfort” counselor as part of a court ordered community service.
He has no idea how to comfort the kids but finds himself increasingly wishing he could find a
way to help the kids feel better about losing.

All other rolls will be played by members of the cast.

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