Tue. Feb 04 | Heritage Theatre

Directed By Justin "Spot" Beecher & Amber Villafana
Auditions Feb. 4th and 6th from 7p to 9:30p
Callbacks Feb. 8th by invitation only
Show Runs Apr 17th through May 9th


Jack Chesney and Charley Wykeham, two undergraduates at Oxford University, are in love with Kitty Verdun and Amy Spettigue, respectively. What’s a gent to do when in such love?? Naturally propose, if only they had even a clue to do so. An idea hatches to impress the ladies and show off Charley’s Aunt who happens to be scheduled to visit! 

The fifth wheel quickly is to be joined by a sixth wheel as they invite ole’ Lord Fancourt Babberley (“Babbs”) to tag along, even though he is also love struck by one he has lost track of over time. The luncheon gets complicated as Colonel Sir Francis Chesney arrives and announces the Chesney family will now struggle financially! Jack’s plans continue to adapt as he also invites Sir Francis to join the luncheon and work his charms on Charley’s Aunt and become inherited millionaires! 

The web of plans gets thrown out the window when Donna Lucia d’ Alvadorez, the titular character, telegraphs that she can’t make it on time. As Babbs is rummaging through the theatre’s costumes and appears in women’s clothing… the ultimate solution is crafted! What could possibly go wrong with Babbs posing as Charlie’s Aunt?!


Tues & Thurs February 4th and 6th from 7pm – 9:30pm

Callbacks will be Saturday February 8th by invitation only.

Final Cast List will be posted no later than 2/15/2020.

Audition Instructions

A strong operatic piece; one that resounds the soul into complete and utter tranquility.

** Seriously though, we want comedy. Bring something funny, a monologue or comical skit (feel free to do both parts if more than one person is in the skit!)

** BRITISH ACCENTS! All forms. Posh, Cockney, Proper, Highbrow, Lowbrow, Midbrow… just be prepared to read parts of the script with a British Accent. Even if you do not think you have a good one, show us what you got! Accents/Dialects can be coached and tools will be made available for this goal.

** Bring Measurements! We are getting a better start on costuming this time around! Bring all the measurements!!

Conflicts - Please bring conflicts with any productions or rehearsals. Conflicts must be examined when casting this show. Any conflicts during production dates will not work with this run as we do not plan to utilize understudies or double casting for this production.

Contact info if you can’t make auditions - Email with information and if possible a video audition via a YouTube clip of your audition.

Director’s Note: This play is very vintage! First performed in 1892! There is Ole dialect that we would like to keep that way, however, the show will have a bit of a visual treat! Dry, situational, and outlandish humor abound! Be prepared to learn your lines as fast as you can! With a straight dialogue script, we cannot craft the story until those scripts are out of your hands. We will have a high emphasis on getting this done as soon as possible. We will provide App suggestions that work quite well with this goal!  If there’s concerns of the accent, we do plan on getting assistance with dialects as well, do not let that stop you from auditioning! 

Stage Kissing may be involved. Include in your audition if this is something that you are opposed to do for the show!

If you have opposition of dressing in Drag for this production, please make that known as well at the time of audition! 


Tentative - Hard copies will be given after all conflicts are analyzed and placed to fit the rehearsal schedule! Expect this to be given out during the first official rehearsal!

Note: If there are too many missed rehearsals that are not listed on the conflict list, you run the potential of your role being assigned to someone else. We understand this is volunteer but consider the calendar of rehearsals provided on the first day as your work schedule for this show! 


These are summaries of the characters within the show! Take heart that all of these characters make a show, without even one, the show doesn’t work. 

(Note from Spot, one of the directors) “You will find a good ‘Featured Role’ can steal the show from a starring role. Do not count the number of lines you have, make the lines you have count!” 

Side, Side, Side Note: As we found out with “I Hate Hamlet” - some of the character details are more of “guidelines” really. Some things may be twisted or adapted for the final show!

Jack Chesney (Leading) - Male, Young Adult - An Oxford undergraduate student and Charley’s friend, Jack is in love with Kitty Verdun. He's the one to orchestrate a plan with more improv and charm than thinking of the result! 

Charley Wykeham (Leading) - Male, Young Adult - An Oxford undergraduate student, Charley is in love with Amy Spettigue. He’s an orphan (An oooorrrphan boy!) who was put through Oxford by his generous and well-to-do Aunt!

Lord Fancourt Babberley (“Babbs”) (Leading) - Male, Young Adult - Dresses in Drag - An Oxford undergraduate student and Charley and Jack’s friend, Babbs grudgingly plays a part in Jack and Charley’s ruse by impersonating Charley’s aunt.

Colonel Sir Francis Chesney (Supporting) - Male, Mature Adult - Jack Chesney’s father, Colonel Chesney is visiting his son at Oxford. He first falls for Charley’s aunt’s money, but then makes another discovery.

Stephen Spettigue (Supporting) - Male, Mature Adult - Amy’s uncle and Kitty’s guardian, Spettigue is a greedy and irritable solicitor, the “villain” of the story. Prim. Proper. Prissy. If you play Dungeons and Dragons, arguably a Lawful Evil styled villain. Overprotective of Kitty (his ward) and Amy (his niece).

Brassett (Featuring) - Male, Adult - Jack’s manservant. Quirky in humor and a slightly unusual view of the world! One view of Brassett is that he’s merely trying to maintain order in this chaos surrounding him! He can also be viewed as a bit of a narrator.

Donna Lucia d’Alvadorez (Supporting) - Female, Mature Adult - Charley’s wealthy aunt from Brazil, “where the nuts come from.” Kind, caring, compassionate. Not exactly what you would assume a millionaire to be! She seems to be genuinely interested in reconnecting with her nephew!

Kitty Verdun (Supporting) - Female, Young Adult - Mr. Spettigue’s ward, Kitty is in love with Jack. She is the kind of girl who wants love and to be loved; a simple married life. Everything you would expect, sweet, kind, caring, and eager for becoming Mrs. Chesney!

Amy Spettigue (Supporting) - Female, Young Adult - Mr. Spettigue’s niece, Amy is in love with Charley. Amy also tends to be a very proper/right sort of girl. Respectful and expective of rights, traditions, and honoring the rules! Etiquette should dictate, you know??

Ela Delahay (Featured) - Female, Young Adult - An orphan (An ooorphan girl!), Ela is the adopted niece and traveling companion of Donna Lucia d’Alvadorez. She is loved by Babbs. An innocence resonates with her, perhaps not naiveness, but she doesn’t quite know just how close to finding Babbs she is!

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