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Curious Savage FB Cover.png

Curious Savage

Directed by Spot & Amber Beecher

January 13th - February 4th

Matinee Jan. 21st


Heart-felt Comedy about Acceptance, Life, and Friendships.

Curious Savage (Mrs. Savage) is unfortunately a widow, recently inheriting ten million dollars from her beloved. Her greedy and inept step-children decide that since the funds are negotiable, they want to “bring her to her senses” by having her registered in a sanatorium. While there, Mrs. Savage meets various residents of the Cloisters, as it is called. These individuals just cannot adjust themselves to life, except that Mrs. Savage finds that she loves the Residents and wants to help them anyway she can.

As she meets these colorful and unique characters, she finds happiness in helping them realize their plans, visiting their dreams, and does her best to bring out the best in them. Unfortunately, the doctor residing over the sanitorium does not have any ability to retain Mrs. Savage in the facility. Mrs. Savage now struggles to the idea of facing a world full of money-hungry, deceitful people.

Meanwhile, her selfish, foolish stepchildren continue their efforts to try and win the money back from their step-mothers' clutches, however, Mrs. Savage seems to welcome the challenge and continues the cat-and-mouse style game they are trying to play. The Residents of the sanitorium conspire to get rid of her stepchildren hoping to help their newfound friend escape their ruthless intentions.

The dominant mood is high comedy, reflecting on the neglected virtues of kindness and affection while observing their rare genuine beauty in a world full of greed and bitterness.

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