Sweeney Todd Poster Original and Officia


October 11 - November 2, 2019
Matinees October 19 & October 26

Directed by Hugh Hanson

Love, lust, betrayal and revenge, friendship, murder and family: Sweeny Todd has it all. Perhaps Stephen Sondheim’s crowning achievement Sweeny Todd is the dark tale of Benjamin Barker, aka Sweeny Todd. Accused, abused and forced into exile by a crooked judge, Sweeny has returned to London to try and gather together the broken pieces of his life; all the while swearing vengeance against the one who dashed it in the first place: Judge Trupin.
He is not alone in his quest. New friends help him, keeping his secrets and even assisting in his devilish doings. The story is haunting, the music captivating, the story dark and hopeful by turns. If you take nothing else from Sweeny Todd, remember this: revenge might be a dish best served cold, but pie is not.