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November 27 - December 19, 2020
Matinees December 5, 12 & 19

Heritage Theater proudly presents “Scrooge” a retelling the Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol.  Ebenezer Scrooge ever an old miserly curmudgeon stumbles his way through life pinching every penny he can.  Not even the annual merriment of the holiday season can stir his cold heart. It seems money, and only money matter to him.  

All is not lost Scrooge for he has ghostly helpers.  The first of which is Jacob Marley, Scrooge’s long deceased business partner. 

Jacob comes bearing a warning of the torment that awaits Scrooge should he not change his ways. Jacob is followed in turn by three other ghostly visitors.

A tale of redemption and hope Scrooge sets the stage for a blessed Christmas season for all.


October 9 - October 30, 2020
Matinees October 17 & 24

Perhaps James is like many orphans: dreaming of a family that will come take him away.  Dreams are not always good. In James case leaving the orphanage to live with his aunts is a case of leaving the pan to land in the fire.

His cold, lazy aunts use James as a slave more than anything else and soon he’s had enough.  A daring escape is devised involving the most unlikely of friends, unconventional transportation and a dose of magic, of course!


August 21 - September 12, 2020
Matinees August 22 & 29

Everybody hates a con, except that is for a bigger better con.  In Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Laurence Jameson and Freddy Benson really put the low in lowlife. By all outward appearances no one would ever know it!  Suave and cultured Laurence Jameson lives a life of easy on the Frence Riviera. All of it financed by unwitting women who have two things in common: wealth and a susceptibility to the charms of a conman.

Small time conman, Freddy Benson discovering his better in Laurence begs to be taught the tricks of the truely high-rolling con.  

Things are not always as they appear and it seems that even the con can get taken for a ride.


July 16, 17, 18 & 20, 2020
Matinee July 18

Frozen Jr is Heritage Theater’s second annual production for kids only. Children will learn skills of dancing, acting, singing, stage directions and so much more all culminating in a magical on stage production of the massive 

hit Frozen Jr adapted for stage.

Take the heat out of summer with a chill evening at the theater as Anna, Elsa and Olaf overcome obstacles of fear and separation find the strength within.


June 5 - June 27, 2020
Matinees June 13 & 20

Much like their briney cast of characters Gilbert and Sullivan’s comic opera takes audiences by storm! Comic and touching by turns The Pirates of Penzance balances the absurd with real emotion.  

The path to love and matrimony is anything but smooth sailing for young Frederick and Mable.  Bound by a lengthy apprenticeship to a gentlemanly pirate band Frederick believes himself at last free to pursue an honest life.  

What he finds instead is live at first sight of the lovely Mable.  There seems to be only one problem: Her father is a military man. Will Frederick’s passed piracy sour the match?


April 17 - May 9, 2020
Matinee April 25

Set amongst the confining rigiors of Victorian Era proprietary Heritage Theater’s production of Charley’s Aunt is anything but stodgy. Jack and Charley have a hot double date planned. Refusing to be hampered by overbearing and nosy chaperone’s starry-eyed Jack and Charley contrive to have a chaperone of their choosing: Lord Fancourt Babblerly.  Under normal circumstances his lordship would be a completely inappropriate choice were it not for one small detail. The obliging Lord Blabberly is to be disguised as Charley’s venerable Aunt.

The plan is getting along swimmingly well until Charley’s own dear, REAL Aunt arrives to check up on her mischievous nephew. 

As in all good farces, hilarity with a dash of true love is the eventual outcome. Come laugh and evening away with us this spring.


March 6 - March 28, 2020
Matinees March 14 & 21

An instant classic, Thoroughly Modern Millie, is a story that is both old and new.  Set against the glittering backdrop of 1920’s New York the themes of greed, pride and a yearning for more are as old as the human condition. Yet hope, love and a fresh start are forever new.  In this vibrant, funny musical Millie, Jimmy, Miss Dorothy and the sinister Mrs Meers are caught between the tensions of the old and new.  

Will doubt and greed triumph as the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Millie’s roommate deepens or will true friendship and love work together to shine the light of truth on one of 1920 New York’s most dangerous secrets?


January 17 - February 8, 2020
Matinee January 25

Get the feeling that winter will never end? The magical creatures of Narnia couldn’t agree more.  Trapped in the grip of an eternal winter ruled by the wicked White Witch all the good creatures of Narnia await for signs of hope. That sign arrives in the strangest of places: a small human child Lucy Pevensie.  

Based on the classic novel by CS Lewis, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Play is full of thrills and fantasy made more alive by the intimacy of live theater.  

The Heritage Theater invites all to come and see their imagination spring to life on stage. Fauns, talking animals, brave and heroic characters.  Brave the winter chill for an evening spent at the theater that is sure to warm the heart.

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