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Red Chairs

Help Us Provide a Better,

More Comfortable Experience for You

After 53 seasons of serving us, it is time to replace our seating. The current gold seats were originally a donation that came to The Heritage Theatre used and well loved.  It is time to upgrade our seating to provide a better experience for all that come to enjoy the shows that The Heritage Theatre has to offer.

The Plan:

Stadium Seats

New Seating

Replace all of the seats in the theatre with newer, more comfortable seats.  Don't worry, we still plan on keeping the "Wide" seats at the end of every other row!

Paint Roller

New Paint

Repaint the seating arena and patch the walls where needed.

Parquet Floor

New Floor

Replace the old carpet with a more durable and better looking flooring.

The Cost:

Seating:      $35,000

Flooring:     $10,000

Paint:          $5,000

Total Cost:

Ways to Help:

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